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Turner Bullmastiffs

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About Us
We have the three bullmastiffs right now. We have added a new male from Indiana to our family. We are very pleased with him so far. We are hoping to add some champions to both sides. We are in the process of trying to start showing. We have been making contacts about how to start showing and have started obedience training with all our dogs. If you have any questions or comments please contact me.
As you can see we have several animals. We have five house cats, bullmastiffs, and mini american shepherds. We are trying to find some land close by where I can put my horses. We treat all of our animals as family. All of our animals have their own funny personalities. It is hilarious to see all their personalities come together.
Rocco's Friends
Rocco enjoys playing with my brother's boxer Captain.
Rocco and Gabby like to sleep with our cats. We have a two manx cats Sugar and Nibbler that like to pick fights with Rocco and love on Gabby.
They LOVE their new cat post. Best investment ever ;)
This is our love zoe that we miss dearly. But she is in a better place now.
This is our other two cats Nugget and Evolett. Nugget is 1/2 Bengal and 1/2 Russian Blue. He is something else and fears nothing.
Our Other Pets and Animals
Here are some pics of my horses. Kola is a double registered Palomino Quarter Horse. Wave is Quarter Horse.